Insensitive Attitude by Host and Airbnb to Corona

I have made bookings for my trip to Singapore through Airbnb. Considering the orange alert declared by the Singapore government and current health advisory situation, I requested Airbnb cancel my booking.

They have left me to the mercy of host. Obviously, the host is not interested in giving me a full refund as it is a loss to him. Instead, the host is suggesting me to roam around in Singapore with a mask on. That is their idea of a holiday – have more stress. The host is saying he won’t get a replacement guest if I cancel as if I am responsible or the situation is in my control.

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  1. I just went to Singapore, not to stay at Airbnb but at a hotel that I had booked in October and there were no real problems or cancellations. I was there Feb 13 through Feb 18. I considered cancelling but my trip was prepaid and i had a safe fun time.

  2. I am in the same situation as you my friend. I booked an apartment in Japan for my parents and myself and paid $3000. My parents don’t want to travel to Japan or anywhere risking their lives .Now we cancelled due to the obvious spread of the virus in Japan too.
    They are not refunding the money and eep asking for proof of epidemic as if I am making it all up even after submitting all the relevant documents.

    • you will have proof when the location of your rental will be under quarantine for the time of your booking. otherwise you will not have any right for a refund.

      I checked last week – even the usual insurances will not refund for corona fear, but only if you are infected yourself before.

      coronna will cost lots of money – either for the host or the guest. in fact it’s the host who might suffer more.

  3. OMG … Why is so hard to understand that a good deal on shared housing means that you do not get all the no-fault guarantees maybe offered with travel insurance or full price rooms at a top end hotel. You agree to take responsibility and risks when you book! Hosts still share risks for areas that actually get closed or quarantined. The most strict policy on airbnb still allows a traveler to cancel 14 days before and get 50% refund less fees. This means a host in a popular expensive destination area will most likely lose half of a booking because a traveler just has a change of mind. Many hosts count on income to pay mortgages and other high property costs in these areas. Why is it so hard to know your money might go to the hosts most in need? Does anybody actually still work for a living out there?

  4. Coronavirus has been an issue on small scale since very late December/2st week of January. It became a much larger issue by January 15th. So the question is, did you try to cancel at last minute?

  5. Well, AIrbnb have double standards. I am a host on AIrbnb for several years now and a client of mine cancelled their reservation a week before arrival for Christmas a New Year. They said that one of the guest did not have visa based on a new government requirement of visas from Venezuelans to Dominican Republic. Airbnb never contacted me and refunded the client the full amount. I knew it when I received the confirmation of their act. Not only the lack of communication was unprofessional, they left me without rent (the book was done with ample time), they never did a thing to help to fill those dates. So ask them if they think that visa requirements are more important that a health issue?

  6. Singapore is still open – from the host’s view he is perfectly wright.

    If you do not want to take that risk, it’s up tp you. But that’s neigher the fault of airBnB nor your host.

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