Incompetent Response to a Question on Transaction

I noticed from my credit card statement there was an unrecognized transaction about Airbnb. I reported to them, saying I first wished to dispute this transaction. They said I should first contact Airbnb. This was the start of a hour’s merry-go-round on the Airbnb website trying to locate their telephone number. If someone found it they deserve a prize. Finally I found this website who displayed their customer service number. I called them. They took down some information about myself to verify I am who I said I was. When I told them the item I was disputing they said I should take a screenshot of what the transaction was. The transaction was not in my itinerary (that’s why I queried it in the first place). Anyway, then she said she was not the appropriate “department” to investigate this matter. She said she would send me an email to gather more information so that the investigative team could look at. Wish me luck.

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  1. well yes there are different teams handling requests and calls, most of the time you will get to a non-trip agent (an agent that handles requests associated with technical support or general questions), they will escalate your request to the appropriate team after verifying the issue (most of the times there is no issue and the caller just forgot about reservation XYZ)

    take a screenshot of the unauthorized charge and send it to the agent, they will escalate it to the Trust and Safety team and they will assist you with this issue… it can be possible you need to wait some days until you got a response

  2. My advice: get your credit card company involved to have your money back fast. Airbnb will make you go round in loopholes over and over again…….

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