I’m ready to pull my hair out after this Airbnb

I made a reservation for a long-term stay near Portland, Oregon. We then decided to extend the stay, and I talked with Airbnb representatives, to be sure that nothing bad would happen or they would try to charge me more money at once. We already paid the first month with fees and cleaning charges.

I was sent a “request for alteration” by Airbnb, with the new amount and a payment schedule. Then later on the next day, I received a receipt for the extended reservation, and it was a completely different payment schedule with large amounts on each month, rather than the evenly spaced amounts for the installments.

It’s been two weeks now trying to straighten this out, and they are driving me crazy. The people I talk to either don’t care or read from a script: the same things over and over. Then I was told it would go to a “supervisor,” which is a “case manager,” and still I heard nothing.

Finally, two days ago, they said it should go to the “payment” team, and I would hear from them shortly. Nothing. I’m going out of my mind with these idiots.

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  1. This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen posted here. You must are clearly delusional and mentally ill.

    You are not a privileged class and entitled to special treatment because you are 1) A female 2) Alone or 3) An Airbnb guest.

    The host isn’t your babysitter, he just offered you the place to stay for money.

    Grow up, get help and stop being an imbecile.

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