Identification Trouble from Airbnb Hell

I’m not a frequent Airbnb user, but it has always been a good experience for some years now. Recently, Airbnb requested some real identification and asked for a copy of my passport. No problem, I can understand about that kind of request. It may even be some improvement to avoid scams or other abuse.

However, Airbnb then asked for verification with a live image of mine. I tried. I tried ten times with the app. I could take a selfie with the app, but then I just dropped back to the home page of the app. There was no kind of confirmation whether this image was received, and obviously it never was.

In parallel I tried to contact Airbnb support. They always wanted to walk me through the confirmation process. I did three times and it never worked. I asked to escalate this problem to someone who could find another solution. They walked me through the process again.

They asked me to install Airbnb on another phone. I did. Now the app asked for a confirmation code, which I received on my own phone. Again, that’s a reasonable request, but the second app did not give me any option where to enter this four-digit code which I had received.

I’m still in identification hell. I tried to book two different accommodations several times. After 12 hours this reservation will be deleted automatically since I still lack proper identification. You might guess that there should be any kind of bypass for the support team to accept any other kind of identification, but there is nothing else they claim they can do.

Broken app which has never been properly tested? Broken support, who can not help you at all? Unfortunately, there’s not much alternative to Airbnb nowadays (in Germany), other than ordinary hotels and

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  1. By now I have tried all three choices:
    * identification with “Reisepass” (travel passport)
    * identification with “Personalausweis” (ID card)
    * identification with “Führerschein” (driving licence)

    They all do require a selfie

    And I tried to create a new account, which also asked for the selfie live photo.

    They do not offer any other option and the mechanism still does not work.

  2. “Stefanie” from airbnb support had told me that the selfie problem is known to them. Last friday she told me, it should be fixed by tuesday.

    Guess what, it’s still broken. Useless support from hell…
    Next booking was cancelled after 12 hours, due to missing selfie identification.

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