I should have read this site first!!

Not an original story judging from others on this t but thought it may be worth sharing to prove they haven’t improved! I used the site last year with great success – 3 bookings on a trip to South Africa, the system in place then was the request and approval system, once you had a list of approved places you picked and paid; easy. Impressed, I decided to use them again this year. Well it has been hell! stem requires that you pay immediately for any place you’re interested in, so you have enough money to cope with it being held for 1 week if the host backs out and . you need to book another place. After two failed bookings I am now 1 week to my trip my card is maxed and I can’t find accommodation. The airbnb site doesn’t list any way of contacting the owners and refers you to ‘the community’ fat lot of good that is. Take note: Don’t use them, your holiday could be a disaster.

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