Hotel Rooms will always be Preferable to Airbnb


I reserved an Airbnb a week in advance for a six-guest stay in an apartment. The host and I talked back and forth and she was very polite. We rolled up around 1:00 AM, drained after our 4.5-hour drive and just ready to get settled in and maybe hit a few bars to get our trip started.

We unlocked the door and walked in to see this very large man on the living room floor about ten feet away from the front door we opened. We all jump back, thinking: “Is this the wrong room? No, it can’t be because the code to unlock it is working.”

The guys went inside to find sections of the living room separated by sheets/curtains and three beds on the floor for us to sleep on. These beds were a curtain away from this random man on the floor. The guys went back in to take pics and videos of this place as proof to send to customer service for a refund. There were even two rooms in the back that had people in them.

I promptly cancelled our Airbnb and immediately called customer service. The customer service rep told me he had to contact the host to get her side of the story. They contacted the host who finally woke up and started freaking out, sending me crazy rude messages. At the point we were all just so done; we just needed somewhere to sleep.

After calling around and driving around until after 5:00 AM we finally found something to accommodate all six of us (thanks to the nice front desk lady at the Comfort Inn). The crazy host kept messaging me until 4:30 AM.

Now, looking at the reservation, it does say a shared room up to eight people. This was my first Airbnb experience to I thought shared meant shared with our guests (since there were six of us). However, we were never informed people would be there at the same time as us a sheet away – scary.

In the end, the host was just as rude to my customer service guy as she was to me which, isn’t going to help her. Hopefully, she is removed from Airbnb. She refused us a full refund but we called and filed a claim with Chase.

P.S: it looked nothing like the pictures. I’m attaching the photos from the website, the guy on the floor, our “room”, and screen shots of this crazy lady going off on me. The door auto locks so we didn’t leave anyone in any type of danger/harm. You can’t break and enter if you were given the gate and door code to get in.

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  1. Hey we all make mistakes. First time for a new lesson is all it is. Eventually you’ll understand with a good selection, Airbnb’s are way more cost efficient for large groups especially in comparison to a hotel. 6 people in two rooms does not sound cozy. 🙁

    Visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica sometime! I understand exactly what your looking for! Privacy, security and a comfortable home…

  2. Sorry you had to experience this, not matter if you did not understand that shared meant with total random strangers/ possible sex offenders or criminals or a grizzly bear. Because airbandb could have given you more insight to this. Seeing it was your first time booking with them.

    Airbandb takes no security measures to ensure safety for women
    Airbandb does not do background checks on their hosts
    Airbandb has allowed hosts to spy on their guests with hidden cameras
    Airbandb has a policy that permits hosts to evict guests at any time for no grounded reason whatsoever. Yes this has happened and not because of partying or some issue, simply because A HOST NO LONGER FELT LIKE IT:/

    Myself, I am never ever using airbandb again. The customer service agents in India could care less about “western” peoples problems. They get paid pennies and seriously recite a standard protocol to all issues.

    May airbandb burn in digital hell and self combust into oblivion!

  3. There are concerted attacks on Airbnb from the hotel sector…why…because it is hurting them. This is just another one. Get over it, times have changed, you no longer have the right to overcharge.

  4. Oh okay sorry. The pics etc have loaded now including the name of the place. Thank you for that.
    They are very brave in calling it luxurious. Wow. That is absolutely not what shared means.
    Hope you get a full refund and they are kicked off the site.

  5. Wow. That sounds awful. But not seeing any attachment. I think these horror stories should at least give the name of the place and location to warn others.


  6. So basically you didn’t read the Listing and made fanciful assumptions.

    Yes, A double room in hotel for six people could be just the thing for you. Carry on.

    • Get a super cheap place to stay. Don’t read description. Don’t ask questions. Assume a shared room is a shared apartment. Arrive after 1 am ready to hit bars

      Most hosts have a traditional job. A 1 am check-I would mean no rental to you by me. I have a strict midnight cutoff.

      A hotel is a better choice for you.

  7. Um, OK, what do you think a “shared room” is? Shared room is a shared room, not a shared house, not a shared apartment. It’s a room where others are staying. Read, understand, repeat.

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