Host’s Tardiness Keeps me from Getting a Refund

We did not see our Airbnb hosts with the key for hours; they were working. There was no A/C. There were no curtains in the living room or bedroom; those above you could look in. The patio door opened at night for air and noise. Daytime hall door open for air. Garbage left behind. Did not know where the garage was so was not able to use it. Bedroom to small for suite case to come into. I was standing outside the building waiting to get in, I had no wifi and I was from out of country with no phone service. In the end, I was very unsatisfied and went home.

I was finally able to reach Airbnb about a refund. I was told that because I did not contact them within 24 hours I was not entitled to one. I told them I was not able to find my host. As of today, I was not able to contact anyone in reference to my $100 credit, which means I was not able to use it. Airbnb is a very difficult service especially if there is an issue. They are not there for you. The rental property I wanted was priced $80 plus a service fee. Why are we paying for a service fee? Should that not be part of the host’s fee? Not again. This is not worth the hassle.

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  1. Yes, this is why I refrain from using Airbnb now. The “service fee” which is usually 15% of the total booking is supposed to cover eventualities when things go awry yet this website is full of examples where Airbnb do not fulfil their obligations towards unwary guests.

    In the beginning, Airbnb was a useful method by which guests could secure home-from-home accommodation and individual hosts earned an income. However, Airbnb is now a monster which is seemingly out of control. The fact that multi-millionaires use it as a platform says it all.

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