Hosts Don’t Get Off Easily When it Comes to Airbnb

Don’t bother hosting with Airbnb. I have done so for several years, but this year I have removed my property after it has become apparent that they do not look after their hosts if there is a problem. I had never had a problem before this year, but I think that the combination of advertising on TV and the flood of hosts has resulted in lower weekly payouts and, sometimes, the wrong type of customer. Following one family leaving early (definitely the wrong type), I have been trapped in several months of random communication with Airbnb with no outcome. Their customer service team is a joke. Their decisions (if you can find anyone that can actually make one) are made without your consultation, are random and, in our case, outside of the policies you signed and just hugely unfair. We are still awaiting a payout that they are withholding falsely. I get a different ‘story’ and ‘calculation’ each time I enter into a dialog and I’m just fed up with it. We have offered a charming little family home for very little money and the first time something goes wrong, they stitch us up. Don’t bother.

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  1. Right 100%
    New policy are violated USA laws on our rights to publicly review
    Lie about their insurance , if you have issues They do not refund you
    Airbnb is a nightmare
    Decisions are taken unfairly and randomly !!!
    Now they dont want just images of damages ,they want receipts
    In other words you have no other option than to buy new everything
    After you spent hundred and sent receipts Airbnb will have all kind of excuses
    But where is the refund?

  2. Hi Madison,

    I am about to take a host to small claims court after he agreed to refund me for an unused night’s stay and then reneged. Airbnb is siding with him. I have been an Airbnb host since February 2012 and an Airbnb guest since July 2012. I have 55 positive reviews as both guest and host. I have recruited a friend to become a host. I even attended the Airbnb convention in Los Angeles (known as the Airbnb Open). Furthermore, I live in San Diego, California, where there is about to be a major decision about Airbnb by the City Council. I am usually a private person but since court cases are public record, I may as well not keep silent.

  3. Hello,

    I am writing a pitch for an editor. Would love to hear from you if possible about your experiences?

    kind regards

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