Host Lies & Claims Security Deposit After Honest Review

I stayed in Copenhagen for 5 nights at this listing ( hosted by this guy called Cem Arslan. I didn’t want to leave any review for him because there was nothing great about my stay. But the host has texted me and emailed me twice to have a good review. I got the rude shock this morning (after 2 weeks after my trip) when airbnb sent me a request to claim US$250 from me just because the host suddenly claimed that I damaged his TV console?!? He left me a good review after my stay, and after I gave him an honest review, he turned against me and demanded payment for some made up accusation which never happened. I was horrified to find out that airbnb still entertain such baseless complaints and demanded that I respond. In addition, he also told so many lies in his public response to my review. Gosh! I told him at the booking that there will be 2 children and he even replied saying they can sleep on his couch. Now he claims that I didn’t tell him there were young children. And he also claimed that I left the apartment dirty?! Why have a change of heart after 2 weeks when your review after I left was so good?! Beware of such host because your credit card details and security deposits are certainly not safe even weeks or months after your trip!

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  1. So, is it true that you had 4 people and two children, but you didn’t tell him ahead of time and he didn’t charge you extra for it? Is it true that you left cereal on the floor before checking out? Is it true you used his pots but didn’t clean up after yourself?

    If so, he has a point. Whether there’s a cleaning fee or not, 99% of guests will leave their room relatively clean. In other words, they won’t leave food or trash all over the floor. Their room won’t be spotlessly clean, but they will put their trash in the trash can – not on the floor. If we have a guest who does that, we don’t really mind because we do charge a cleaning fee and that’s what it’s for. But we will not give them 5 stars on cleanliness. We’d give them 4 or 3 depending on how bad it was. In your case, we’d probably give you a 3.

    Most guests truly do treat our homes as if they’re their own. When they cook, they’re considerate enough and polite enough to clean up the pots and pans and dishes they use. We don’t even ask them to. We just ask them to leave everything in the sink and we’ll put it in the dishwasher later. But most people clean their things anyway. So, if you come in and don’t even clean up after yourself during your stay, and if you brought more guests than you originally informed him of and if you left cereal all over the floor – that would all add up to a huge annoyance for us or any other host as well.

    As a host, if I read your review of him and his response to you, I would decline your reservation request. You sound like trouble. If you don’t want to have this problem in the future, you really should treat wherever you stay like your home, not like a hotel. It’s not a hotel. It’s someone’s private home.

  2. I’m most disturbed by your experience with this terrible host. Such people should definitely be banned from Airbnb. Maybe you should report it to airbnb and at the same time alert other potential tenants by reposting this to various facebook pages.

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