1. At the VERY bottom of the AirBNB website is a short word “Terms.”
    Item 23.11 says “ No class actions or Representative Proceedings”

    I also saw an Indemnification Clause, which is heavy-handed (but very common in Terms and Conditions.) It is very rare for me to agree to an Indemnity Clause. Sadly, that limits my life sometimes. ?

  2. I bet that the online Terms and Conditions that you agreed to by using the AirBNB website prohibit Class Action suits,

    I always scan Terms and Conditions and can’t believe how pervasive and heavy-handed they are.

    Indemnity Clauses are the worst, and they’re EVERYWHERE, apps, especially.

  3. Hey I’m interested in suing them as well. They allow scammers on their platform and then refuse to refund your money based on a cancellation policy. I find it hard to understand how one is expected to pay for a service that was never rendered. If I had to purchase a hotel at the last minute, right before check in, Airbnb and it’s scamming hosts should not feel entitled to keep my money. The audacity.

  4. they left me in the streets to. charged my credit card and gave me a confirmation number. and i arrived and the hotel told me no reservation was made for me.

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