Hospital Stay Prior to Hosting Questions Policy

I recently applied for a refund within 24 hours of booking. I spoke to the host to explain the situation but Airbnb refused to give me more than a 50% refund because I had visitors coming to my home for a week. The week before their arrival, I broke my ankle and was in a cast and wheelchair.

When I got home from the hospital I realised that in two days I was not going to be ready to host guests in my home so I took a lovely little apartment for them to stay in which I booked in the middle of the night. The next day, my guests decided that because I wasn’t well, they would not visit.

I applied for a refund to Airbnb with this story which of course I am prepared to present proof of hospitalization, documentation, etc. From a 700+ Euro booking cancelled the next day, they refused to refund me more than 300 Euros because it was not my guests who were staying in the apartment who had the accident. They were healthy enough so this did not apply.

I find this quite far removed from the community-based hospitality concept that started out with Airbnb. I wonder who gets that 400 Euro difference, Airbnb or the host? Someone needs to come up with a new Airbnb-like concept.

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  1. The money you were not refunded goes to:
    pay your Airbnb booking fee ,
    local taxes if Airbnb collects them and
    the remainder goes to the host because the host lost a booking and during several days their listing was unavailable to be booked for the full rate.

  2. Breaking your ankle and visitors canceling; how awful for you.

    Brian is correct:
    1. Third part bookings are against Airbnb terms of service
    2. Cancellation policies differ from rental to rental. It is important to always check that.

    Hotels are charging for last minute cancellations now too. Recently I made a reservation at a Hilton garden inn and cancellations made less than 48 hours before check-in were subject to pay for the first night.

    I hope you heal quickly.

  3. You obviously booked a listing on short notice but didn’t read the cancellation policy. If you had booked an airline ticket, how much money do you think you would get back?

    You apparently didn’t read the part about 3rd party bookings, either, because those are prohibited by Airbnb policy. A prime example of a 3rd party booking is you booking for your friend. They are prohibited for good reason.

    Sorry you broke your ankle.

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