Home Trashed by Airbnb Guest and no Customer Support


An Airbnb guest trashed my home and Airbnb has been of no help whatsoever. A guest and his friends smoked in my home after specifically being asked not to. They emptied my locked storage areas and left indoor furniture and electrical items outside in the garden. They left cigarette butts all over the house and used the kitchenware as ashtrays. They ruined my coffee table and brand new kitchen worktops. My extendable dining table no longer closes fully or properly.

All this damage along with photographic evidence was provided by myself to Airbnb on the same day they checked out. I requested from the guest a sum of money to cover the damage but had no response. Airbnb did not intervene even though they supposedly do this after the 72 hours. They did not respond to my emails with any relevant information.

I was redirected to another member from the customer support team twice and on both occasions just told that they were sorry and will be in touch soon. I have been chasing Airbnb all week for updates or at least a timeline of procedure and what to expect. I have had no information or help at all.

Finally I called Airbnb to speak to a person who “couldn’t help” because it was not his department. I asked him to transfer me but he couldn’t do this either. When I asked him to give me the number of the department I was told that he couldn’t help with this either.

It has been a full week and I have had my home trashed and my own holiday ruined and Airbnb have done absolutely nothing to provide peace of mind or any help during the week. Their website suggests that these issues are dealt with swiftly and within a week. I find this very difficult to believe. I am stunned that such a well-established business like Airbnb can tolerate such incompetence within their customer support team.

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  1. Take this as a lesson. Airbnb could give a rats ass about you!
    I just closed my account as they really have no soul left. I have been ahost for many years and this year the whole game changed. They want only corporate to won the homes and rent them
    They dont want regular folks.
    It is all for the guest and not for the host.
    Hosts are screwed now!

  2. Airbnb seems to respond better to Twitter & Facebook submissions that phone calls.

    Do you have rental insurance on your home? The Airbnb guarantee tends to not provide much coverage.

    Do you have any exterior monitoring like ring or blink cameras? You must disclose them in your listing but if too many people are there or if they are not following your house rules outdoors (no interior monitoring allowed). Yes expensive but it’s that “an ounce of prevention…”

    Don’t expect much help with the mess however damages to furniture & to your home, Airbnb should help with (maybe). If not file it under your rental insurance.

    Leave the guest an honest review. Resist the temptation to be like me and go on a rant. Keep it short and factual.

    “Cannot recommend guest. They left my home excessively dirty, trash scattered about yard, smoked in my “no smoking allowed” home, damaged furniture & countertops. Guest accessed a locked closet and removed contents. Guest moved interior furniture to the patio and left it. “

    I hope you get this resolved soon.

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