Guest Made My Family Unsafe

A guest who was barely around and had 0 communication skills never locked our door. When asked repeatedly, and signs were put on the door requesting it be locked, the guest still left it unlocked. Oftentimes the guest would leave it unlocked overnight (he came back at 12pm-1am nightly), and I would have to go down to lock it after him. Let’s not even talk about the security system he refused to use. I contacted AirBnB and they were of no help. I had gotten myself into a situation where an irresponsible person had control of the safety of my family, and had a key to my home. So it was a balance…I didn’t want to have the guy get hostile to us either. It was our first (and last) experience hosting. Never again. It is just a bad situation, and AirBnB won’t bail you out. This is the kind of thing where the existence of a website makes you feel safe making decisions you would ordinarily never make (i.e. letting a stranger into your home).

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  1. Why in the world did you rent to someone with zero communications skills???

    The whole point of airbnb is that you have control. You write back and forth with a guest to get a feel whether or not you will feel safe having them in your home and if their personality will be a good fit so that you both enjoy their stay.

    Airbnb has extensive literature telling you about this and heavily suggesting you be sure to do it when you put up a listing. They also tell you to read a guests reviews before accepting them. You can deny anyone that does not communicate or who has either no or bad reviews.

    Lastly, you rate your guests after they leave. What can airbnb do when you did not do your due diligence they TOLD you to do? So now you go back, read up on all the literature on how to SAFELY rent and give them zero stars under Communication and House rules.

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