Fraudulent Listings on Airbnb

I was interested in two listings in London. Both were fraudulent. They posted email addresses in the photo section with Airbnb in the script. When I messaged them through official channels they asked me to email them directly to check on the dates. I then got official looking booking emails that connected you to what looked exactly like the Airbnb payment portal. Payment was then asked for by wire. The apartments are probably from real estate listings (too good to be true). I paid but because it didn’t feel right I cancelled the wire an hour later. That’s a whole other issue that I’m dealing with my bank about. They said they didn’t get the money. I am not sure if they did yet. They sent me a second bank to which to wire money. The first bank was in Norway, and the second was in England. Based on the sophistication of the software I am sure that this scam is not limited to London, but has infected their entire listing database. I informed of this scam and their response was to send me scripted safety tips. I sent them copies of all the mirrored web pages and email addresses and banking info. I did not request they refund my money I just asked for the assistance and I have never heard from them.

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  1. Hi there! I used to be an agent for Airbnb. They do know about the scams and work to take them down when they find them. It’s pretty explicit on the website that you shouldn’t ever go off site; the messaging and payment system is set up for your safety.

    • Maya, the point is not that people fall for scams, the point is that airbnb is being used as a vector for fraud and does not take sufficient care to protect their business model. You should find a new employer.

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