Fraud from Stolen Credit Card Number on Airbnb

Last year, I booked a room on Airbnb. Everything went okay for the reservation and stay. Last week, I wanted to book a room again with Airbnb before and after a tour in Europe. I sent an email to the host to check the availability for August 2017 but to my big surprise, the room was automatically booked as Airbnb had kept my credit card information in their files. All I wanted was to check the availability, as the website was not posting a calendar like the last time. A refund from Airbnb was made for both transactions the same day as the host understood what I initially wanted to do.

A week later, I received a phone call on my voicemail at home from a well-known USA airline company (we live in Canada) to check if I had booked flights in Las Vegas to New York for $900 that morning. I spent more than two hours trying to reach the airline’s customer service (the booking number of the flight was left on my voicemail) and getting my credit card company to cancel the card. I was lucky that the airline cancelled the transaction for those who were trying to use my credit card and the scammers were not allowed to board the flight. I also found out from my credit card company that while having a good time in Las Vegas, the scammers had also tried to make a purchase for $3000 before booking the flights but the transaction did not go through because it was over the limit.

I will never use Again again. Please share this information on social media before other innocent victims fall prey to those leeches. My computer is protected with top of the line anti-virus software, so someone on the Airbnb side has connections to steal my credit card information.

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  1. I have never had a fraud use of my credit card unti I started using Airbnb. Recently had my card used out of country. Cancelled the card. I am not comfortable with Airbnb rEtaining the details of my card.

  2. I don’t like how Airbnb insist that I provide government issued ID plus my photo,and last 4 of ss#. This isn’t good and they should stop this practice. I won’t book with them again.

  3. You don’t seem very tech savvy. It sounds like you mistakingly pressed the book now button instead of the enquiry button then blame airbnb for your mistake. Your credit card could have been hijacked through any platform. Why assume it was AirBnb?

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