We Found Illegal Drugs in London Host’s Apartment


In April 2017, we rented a London flat via Airbnb. Our host was responsive and the flat was as advertised. However, my teenage son discovered a box under the sink (while looking for a sponge to do the dishes) that had illegal drugs (small amount of marijuana) and numerous smoking paraphernalia. The host had several locked cabinets with personal possessions, so we were distressed and upset at how careless he was to leave illegal drugs (marijuana is illegal in UK) in the flat. We weren’t going to make a big deal about it, but thought it was important that the host know. His response was disappointing: he immediately blamed his cleaning crew and then past guests for the drugs in his property. Our take was that this was too big a box for a traveller – likely international – to be flying around with. It was much less likely that a guest would travel with a big box like this, hide it in the flat, and then “forget” it when he checked out. Rather, it seemed obvious to us that the drugs, smoking papers, and other items belonged to the owner of the flat who forgot or didn’t care that they were there for guests to find. The host refuses to take any responsibility and has yet to respond to our complaint with the results of his “investigation”. We called Airbnb immediately upon our return to the US to file a complaint. It’s been nearly two weeks and there has been no response from Airbnb. I guess they don’t take illegal drugs in a host’s property seriously. We’ve attached a photo of what my son found… what do you think?

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  1. I think you are crazy snooping around in boxes under the sink. This is his private home and it’s not for you to judge.

  2. lol can you share the link to this Airbnb? very interested to rent this place out if it’s got free weed

  3. Personally I think you’re overreacting. Also I find it weird that you open up a metal box under the sink, I highly doubt your claim you were looking for a sponge.How big a re the chanches that somebody would keep sponges in a metal box? I think your teenage son got curious, that’s normal, but your actions afterwards are something else. To be honest in my view, you invaded the host personal belongings.

    And yes, It’s a bit of weed, my goodness. You filed a complain with AirBNB? I hope the host does leave a review for you, stating that you don’t respect the owners own house. Clearly a hotel is a better pick for you than AirBNB.

    Exactly these kind of tourists is something keeping me away from hosting, people going through your stuff.

  4. Meh.

    Cannabis isn’t seen as a big deal with most companies nowadays in all honesty, especially such small amounts.

    It does really really suck that your son found it, but you’ve made a way bigger deal out of it than it needs to be.

  5. Steve…your reply does deserve a response. You don’t get it. Even a “tiny of bit of weed” is illegal in the UK. What’s next for you, “a tiny bit of crack”? The host should know better and no guest should ever have to deal with this. This guy is a parent. Hope you’re not with that attitude. AirBnb should have jumped all over this one…

  6. You don’t even deserve a response. It’s a tiny bit of weed. You don’t want it? You don’t like it? Close the box up and walk away. Shouldn’t have affected you for more than the 7 seconds it’d take to decide whether to smoke it or not.

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