Finished Dealing with Amateurs at Airbnb

Although I have never had a horror story with Airbnb as some people have, in the six or so years that I have been using it, this is what I have found:

90% of the time, there is some significant issue. Either it is in trying to find the place, or in trying to gain entry. Or the place is dilapidated or has many maintenance issues. I have found the reviews to be unreliable as well. In contrast, when I book a hotel, there are only significant issues around 10% of the time, plus the reviews are much more reliable.

In using Airbnb, I am relying on amateurs. The problem is that when a person travels, they are more vulnerable and insecure because they likely have no network of friends in the area. Traveling is generally stressful enough without unpleasant surprises. I find that in using Airbnb, I really save little money and its just not worth the hassle. In the future, I will be using hotels and other alternatives.

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  1. I agree. I’ve had mixed experiences with Airbnb properties and have come to the same conclusions. High reviews don’t mean much – are these people getting paid to give high reviews? And yes, the Airbnb property owners are amateurs. At least with hotels, you’re dealing with people whose only job is to run a hotel, and if there’s a problem with the room you can request a new room (and get one). I find most hotel reviews to in line with the condition of the hotel room. I just finished a less than wonderful visit at an airbnb and have decided it is my last one.

  2. Congratulations on reaching your conclusions about Airbnb and its so-called Super Hosts. Yep Airbnb work on pure financial greed to get people signed up to host…. and likewise, promote that using Airbnb is cheaper than other forms of accommodation. Its so-called Super-hosts are totally amateurs. Yep its an unregulated industry with absolutely no laws imposed upon them, unlike B&B’s, Hostels and Hotels

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