Finding Nearby Parking Can Be Airbnb Nightmare

I had a terrible day and ended up spending extra 360 dollars staying in a hotel. My host gave me deceptive information. Right after I made the reservation, I double checked with the host to see if there was parking available near the apartment. He told me that guests park on the street, and it is safe to do so. However, after I drove all the way from Rochester, NY to this place, the streets were all packed, and there was no way I could find a parking spot. I called the host several times and messaged him as well. He didn’t reply until I contacted Airbnb and they made several attempts to reach him. This time, he told me that in his message yesterday he meant guests usually park on the street; it was my business to find a parking spot, and I needed to drive around. I’ve spoken with different customer specialists for more than an hour on the phone while sitting in the car. I was told nothing about if I will be fully refunded. Nor did anyone book an alternative place for me to stay.

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  1. I think if a guest asks about parking, then it is deceptive to withhold the plainly obvious fact that street parking is difficult. I think in the San Francisco area I just tend to assume parking will be impossible, but for a guest in NY who may not know the area, it seems reasonable to inform them. My hosts literally told me to park on another street, despite the fact that there is unrestricted public parking on the street directly outside their house. Parking is up to me, is it? Well, some hosts think they can just tell you where to park. I had to drag a 40 pound suitcase down the street after an 11 hour international flight, and an hour or so getting through customs. I had to make a couple trips to the car because I couldn’t carry it all. I don’t expect a reserved spot, and neither did this guest. He or she just wished to be told the truth.

  2. Of course it was your business to find a parking spot. Nothing deceptive from your host saying guests park in the street. To what extent you expected to be pampered and served?

  3. Did you actually PAY for a parking spot via Airbnb? Nah, or you expected your host to block a spot for your royal car? Yeah right, and I’m Dolly Parton……

    • Why are you so sarcastic? The host had/has an obligation to disclose his strength and weaknesses (SWAT) unless he risked not meeting his Guests expectations. (Formula: Disappointment equals expectations minus reality) As a consequence his ratings go down. You seem to think what he did was OK?

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