Fake Airbnb Superhost, No Refund Coming


I’m sure most of the time Airbnb hosts are genuine and the property listings are real. But unfortunately for me – first time user – I booked what looked like a fantastic apartment in London through a host and paid a 50% deposit. The next morning, I received an email from Airbnb stating that my reservation was cancelled and my deposit would be refunded.

Airbnb took my money and there’s no refund as of yet. When I spoke to Airbnb, they admitted that the host was a fake but did not give a crap that I would be out of pocket $1,7436 until they processed my refund. Yes, I appreciate that they picked up that host was a fake within 12 hours but it’s a pity it’s going to take more than a week for the refund.

They’ve scared off this potential customer forever, and I will tell everyone not to trust Airbnb. They should have done their checks before letting a fake host post a listing. To top it off, the fake host is still active and is still marked as a SuperHost.

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  1. Ah ok so no proof of Listing and information as to anything being still active isn’t true. Anything else?

  2. I did post the screen shot of the fake super host – and a representative from Airbnb admitted to me in the phone that it was a fake!!! You may find it hard to believe but it happened!!

      • I would send the listing but airbnb has taken it down and I can not find it. If I could paste a screenshot of my reservation in this comment box I would but I can’t seem to add another photo to the comment. If you know how to add a screenshot to the comment tell me how. In the mean time – I will post it on the airbnb hell facebook page and attention it the Concerned Citizen. I don’t really know why I have to prove myself to you anyway……….

  3. I find this a little hard to believe. Superhost status is achieved via excellent experiences and reviews.

    Please provide snapshots and proof of this “host” and the Listing.

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