Extremist Political Signs at Airbnb in Bozeman

I booked a stay in Bozeman, Montana with what turned out to be an unusual host named Stacey. When I showed up at the place, I noticed there were extremist political signs all over the front yard and in the windows. Venturing inside, I found much more. I texted her that her place was just too weird for me. She would not provide a refund. She seemed a little strange, so I expected that. What I didn’t expect was the runaround and no support from Airbnb. I did not feel safe at this host’s house, I spent no more than five minutes there, and Airbnb would not refund anything. To add insult to injury, they wasted a huge amount of my time on numerous emails back and forth for nothing. They would not even allow me to post a bad review on this crazy host’s listing to warn others about her. Airbnb Hell, please take my $5 donation to fight Airbnb.

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  1. After reading through your apoplectic comments regarding your hosts First Amendment Rights, I feel zero sympathy for you and maximum sympathy for your poor host. It sounds like YOU, in fact, were the nightmare of a guest! For Gods’ sake grow up! Too damn bad, isn’t it, that other people think and may not have exactly the same political persuasion as yourself. Can’t you handle that? What are you, two years old? What a puke you are. I would not want you as a guest, ever. You disgust me on so many levels. And that you would write about it, as if it were your host at fault. In fact, as we all know very well, some people simply can’t abide a different point of view. They get all pissy and bent out of shape. You didn’t mention ONE legitimate complaint. Go screw yourself, LOSER!

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