Expensive Bedwetting Accident in Airbnb

My first Airbnb experience was so awful it was nearly my last. Unfortunately for me I endured an embarrassing accident on the second night of a two-week stay when I wet the bed. It wasn’t just a little bit that could be hidden; everything was totally soaked through the mattress to the bed base. I was burning with shame but had no choice but to get up, shower, and change the sheets. In the morning I took the mattress out to dry in the sun and explained the situation to my host along with a thousand red-faced apologies. She wasn’t happy in the least but what was done was done. I remade the bed the next night and tried to put the embarrassing situation behind me. I’d forgotten about it until two weeks later when I received my review and a damage bill for $1200 for a new mattress. My review (which is public and has my photo) said something like “Joel has problems controlling his bladder at night and was made to pay the full cost of replacing the mattress he ruined when he peed on it.” I overheard the host telling two of her friends and a customer service lady from Airbnb. I learned a valuable lesson that stay and every time since I bring my own waterproof mattress protector… just in case.

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  1. LOL – I have raised 2 kids and that is NOT how the wee goes! Unless you are sleeping with your head jammed against the board, and in a very strange angle there is no way urine is going to end up on the pillow!

    You sound like a fetishist.

  2. You had “no choice” but to get up and shower? Really? It was your embarrassing problem, but did you expect a maid to rush to your side and take care of it? Airbnb means staying in other people’s homes, so dealing with your own problems comes as standard. As is paying the damage. Even hotel staff wouldn’t be overjoyed and charge for a new room. Sorry for your health problem, but your host must have been mortified that you didn’t bring your a plastic protector, too.

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