1. You are not alone, I have been exiled and have no explanation why from AirBNB.
    I am not able to book and have made multiple calls over several weeks.
    I have nothing but 100% positive reviews.
    Never had a payment issue and they blocked my account.
    I have contacted them though numerous routes and I am told my account has been blocked by corporate and the reps have no idea why. They state that they see no complaints and nothing but positive reviews and they are stumped as well. They said I have to wait for an email and I am in the cue to receive an email. Well several follow-up calls and weeks have passed and zero response back.

    I am so frustrated.

    Have no idea why I have been targeted, bullied and shut down by AirBNB. The company is so disrespectful they will not call, email or respond to my request for communication.

    Poor customer service.

    I have been faithful to airbnb used in Italy, Prague and many other travels both work and pleasure. Recommended to family and Friends…Certainly I have done a u-turn on that.

    I didn’t like: Lack of response and taking advantage of customer, No communication, Suspicious data gathering, Airbnb has not been faithful back to me as a good customer

    My details

    Booking reference : They blocked me so I cannot book at all
    Reference: Never provided one
    Address: , , , ,

  2. I wouldn’t be too concerned, we are Airbnb regulars but are finding in Europe that just about every property on Airbnb is also advertised on booking.com and not only that is also up to 25% cheaper on that site.

  3. I had a similar experience with a Canadian homeowner a couple of weeks ago. Since 3 out 5 AirBnB experiences had been poor-to-awful, I decided to ban myself.

  4. Really too bad as you sound like genuine, ideal guests! Try platforms such as VBRO or Homeaway. Best of luck and happy travelling!

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