Do Not Stay at the Lodging from Hell in Ghana


Airbnb has unethical and deplorable practices. They would do whatever it takes to make sure their “Superhosts” keep their status, even if the reviews are honest. I read an article online about Airbnb removing a guest’s review because he posted an honest review about his stay at a lodging. I posted my review and within two days, it was removed because I was informed by someone at Airbnb that it violated the review policy. Since Airbnb will not allow for my review to be on their website, I will post it here.

I only reserved this place because of the reviews and I would like to say, I absolutely regretted lodging here. The Airbnb is not in a secure location for other travelers, but rather a community of renters. There are no security precautions in place and that is the reason I caught someone looking through my window.

The neighborhood is trashy, unkept, and very noisy with neighbors consistently slamming doors, babies crying, chickens crowing at all hours of the day, as well as other things. There’s no backup generator for the plethora of blackouts that occurred. How can you run an Airbnb business and have no backup electricity?

We had a broken toilet seat for five days and when I reached out to the host, she dragged her feet and responded to messages late. She claimed that 500 MB of data would be given per day, which is inaccurate. She claimed she added 5.13 GB of data and by day 3 it was all gone, which means there is a high likelihood that the data was being pirated.

If you want high water pressure, you have to perpetually go outside to turn on a switch. The beds feel like you’re sleeping on a hard floor and the apartment looks very outdated. The building is not clean: wires hang from the ceilings, and when I would return from my excursions, trash would be left outside my door.

I did not want to leave Ghana, but I was counting down the days to leaving this place. I guarantee that when the owners travel to Ghana, they are not staying in accommodations with these kinds of problems. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

I have posted pictures of what this place truly looks like. Don’t let the nice photos fool you; the bathroom was small and crappy as hell and looked like it was never cleaned before we got there and the furniture was extremely uncomfortable. Don’t let the positive reviews fool you because Airbnb removed the negative reviews, like they did with mine.

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  1. Saying an accomodation is ‘Pretty good for Ghana”, allows these hosts to get away with continued deterioration to the buildings and an increased lowering of Standards overall. We need to stop letting 5 stars mean different things in different places. I recently rented a 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath in which the on fully functioning bathroom was the half! NOT OK. The listing photos were beautiful, for the most part so was the place – but it wasn’t what I paid for. These hosts know that there are problems that they didn’t address before your stay, not something new that occurred during your stay. And when one pays good money in a local country – american dollars, often months in advance, miss me with the poor country stuff. Plan better to take care of your unit and guests or get out of the business. Also keep in mind that the best units aren’t even often owned by ghanaians, but foreign investors who employ local “hosts” to take care if turnover.

  2. First of all you are Traveling to Ghana. A very poor country… then you pay 26 usd a night!!! Do you fuking research first on where are you traveling. I bet you don’t have a back up generator on your own home. Go back to your first world privileges!
    I’ve had more than 10,000 guests in the past 3 years in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum and I’ve encountered this type of guests that research their destinations on instagram. They are just ignorant assholes!

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