Disgusting Airbnb Stay in Florida, Still no Refund


My fiancé and I had booked a home hosted by Huafeng in Kissimmee, Florida. We booked the property for February 27th to March 6th, 2017. We had a total of seven guests staying there. Four of our guests showed one day early on Monday, February 27th, 2017 to check in the day before my fiancé and I arrived on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. Upon the arrival of our first four guests on the Monday, our guests contacted the host with concerns about cleanliness, unsanitary conditions, and the lack of towels. The host refused to listen to their complaints and proceeded to hang up the phone. This went on for a few calls and more hang ups. Our four guests advised Huafeng they were not going to stay in these unsanitary conditions if they weren’t taken care of and did not stay there for the duration.

My fiancé and I arrived at the property the next day, on Tuesday. We noticed that the phone did not work. We contacted our host via email (only way of communication). He told us to contact the front desk at the Runaway Clubhouse. Huafeng did not know that this resort hadn’t had a front desk aide in over six months, so we were unable to use the phone our whole stay, for 5+ days. My fiancé and I are the only two out of our group of seven that stayed the full time of our booking. We felt that there wasn’t an option to cancel our stay there within 24 hours due to our host hanging up on our guests when they initially complained.

The unsanitary conditions included: bed bug carcasses along the trim of bed mattresses in two rooms, blood smears on doors, over 30 stains on both couches, and over ten pasta or blood spots on carpets and stains on pillow cases and blankets. This was literally the most disturbing Airbnb experience we had ever had. I think that we deserve our money back since the first of our guests advised the host that they weren’t staying verbally within the 24-hour time frame the company allows. Since the host hung the phone up on them there were no options to take care of this issue. I have taken pictures of the filth that was present at this room and all that I have mentioned.

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  1. Hi,

    I wrote this add. I was finally given a response from airbnb and they gave me the run around. A representative named Lia C said that I need to click on one of the multiple different links to resolve issue with this room as the reservation has already been completed and AIRbnb cannot intervene. Lia C said that we need to contact the host directly to resolve issue. This is not possible because the host was originally contacted and refused to listen. I was given the run around yet again and of course there is no phone number to speak with a live representative at AIRbnb so it makes things a lot more difficult. If we do not receive a refund or speak with someone at AIRbnb soon I am going to speak with legal council and see what our options are. This whole ordeal is insane. We were frauded into thinking this place was clean. The photos that were on the hosts website did not show stains on couches, rugs, walls, and doors. We would of never booked this room otherwise.

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