Disappointed with Airbnb During COVID-19 Response

I’m very disappointed with Airbnb. As a result of the coronavirus, I was forced to cancel my reservation as everyone is in lockdown. To cancel my reservation using the coronavirus selection for canceling, two choices were provided to me: to have half of the money I already paid for the reservations credited to my credit card; or take a credit for Airbnb with tons of rules to use the Airbnb property another time.

This is unacceptable as they suffer no hardship for the current environment — only the host and guests pay the price. At worse, they should have at least provided me with half of the money back to my credit card and credit for the other half for the next stay using Airbnb.

It is impossible to speak with customer service and their online materials are so confusing and in no way help you to understand the enormous amount of rules and inflexibility. They barely had my business, but no more.

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  1. Why so hard for the guests? You got your full refund with a little bit of effort…hell you made the money in your sleep! How did you go about sharing that out with the host as they have lost everything?

  2. Hey, I’m not exactly sure what your situation is, but I had a booking for July which I booked at the start of January. The host refused to give me a refund, but I continued to contact Airbnb, during the last conversation I was told that I couldn’t get a refund because there’s no government mandated travel ban in place, which was a complete lie. I obviously didn’t believe what they said, so I went into our government site and there is in fact a travel ban and we cannot leave the country indefinitely. I sent the screenshot of the official government site via message, and woke up this morning to see that they have agreed to refund the full amount!! It took time, effort and a lot of stress but I’m finally getting my money back. I just don’t understand why in a situation like this, they make it so hard for hosts and guests.

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