Dirty Beach Grounds for a Bad Airbnb Review?

I am new to the Airbnb life. In August 2017, I rented an ocean front beach house for the weekend in Westbrook, Connecticut. I gave a surprise gathering for my boyfriend’s 46th birthday. The home was beautiful, a little outdated but nice. I met with the maid upon arrival and did a walkaround. The event was very adult and respectful to the home. The area of the beach that the host was responsible for was filthy though. We did not get to enjoy it because it had sea weed, dead crabs, sea shells open and closed, and black dirty sand everywhere. We dared not take off our shoes let alone spend very much quality time out there. A bit depressing being that it’s listed as an ocean front beach home.

However, I gave a guest review. I was mild about the beach. I did in fact mention that it was a disappointment. I didn’t give the details as I just did. The host must have gotten upset and posted a untruthful guest review, saying that my guests and I didn’t clean up behind ourselves, which was an outrage. I have pictures and video footage of the home right before we were checking out. I’ve been trying to send this information to Airbnb but they are giving me email addresses that are coming back to me not received. I need to prove my innocence. Since then I’ve tried to book two other places and got denied because of her lying statement. I need this removed from my review page and this is why I’m fighting.

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  1. How does this s**t even get published as a complaint? As Philanthropist says, the host doesn’t see your review until after they write a review themselves, and they can’t be changed.
    People like this is what makes Airbnb occasionally suck: shells and dirty sand at the beach, FFS! Are you serious?

  2. “sea weed, dead crabs, sea shells open and closed, and black dirty sand everywhere”
    Oh ok, I agree, this stuff has absolutely no place being at the beach.

    But you absolutely should have mentioned the reasons above why you thought the beach was a disappointment, so other travellers can be made aware that there may be offensive ocean objects by the ocean and future hosts can be more upfront by letting you know there may be dropped leaves and twigs by their forest house, and cow poo (not to mention noisy smelly cows) in their paddocks in the countryside. I mean really, these natural occuring environmental factors require better management from these hosts.

    Considering also, 99% of hosts don’t allow you to host parties or events, this one needs to be more grateful to your helpful advice if he wants others to hold their events with him, if he’s not prepared to maintain a seaweed free, shell free beach and ship in better quality white sand he has no place even offering the property as fit for use. I hope you give him no stars for location or accuracy.

    My advice is to stay in a hotel next time where you can order some poor immigrant worker to sweep the beach for future grand events. It’s really not worth the risk with airbnb as they seem to have no standards set for hosts and their beaches, as you’ve found out.

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