Closed my Account, Airbnb Still Owes me Money

I had rented my condo on Airbnb for about two years with few issues from the company. I finally decided to pull my listing and shut down my account early last January as I no longer wanted to use them as a service to host. Shortly after, I started receiving emails to my account stating “It’s time to get paid” and I needed to update my payment information; they had over six hundred dollars that was still owed to me from a guest staying. I did not realize I had any more money coming my way. I tried to log in to update my payment information as the email suggested but the system would not let me as I no longer had an account. I called customer service many times and waited on hold while paying long distance, but they said they could not help me as I did not have an account they could pull up. I wrote multiple emails in response to the emails they sent me and to customer service team and not once did I receive a reply. Airbnb is basically holding the money they owe me hostage despite them repeatedly admitting they owe me a substantial amount of money through a bombardment of recurring reminder emails to collect the money owed me. I am still getting these emails every few weeks but have exhausted all options to collect it from them as Airbnb will not help me get my money from them. This is totally illegal and straight up theft by Airbnb.

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  1. LOL Alex B.
    Regardless if somebody closes an account money owed to them still legally has to be paid to them by the company. And in this case Airbnb is sending the person emails asking them to collect the money owed and then, when contacted by the person, they cannot find they account or money owed. Clearly the account is still on file if they are sending emails out and they are admitting they owe the person money.
    Money owed to a host regardless of the account standing is still money owed and money Airbnb cannot legally keep in their coffers because they cannot find the account in their systems is not an excuse. Clearly, the Airbnb system is faulty and designed to make it as difficult as possible for hosts/ex hosts to collect that they are deserved.

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