Cancellation Policy Defrauds Guests of 50% Payment

I put a question to a host about her apartment directly on the beach in Tavernes de la Valldigna, Valencia, Spain including booking dates. She came back with the answer stating the dates were a little difficult and provided dates that would be better. My dates were still showing as available on her calendar. I was just replying to say those were our only dates when I received two more emails offering a discount if I booked by a certain time that day. The website was showing my dates for the booking and nothing about the dates not being available or “difficult”. I naturally thought she had solved her problem and paid for the dates which were only three weeks away. I then received an email from her saying I had not replied to her email and she was shocked at receiving my booking payment as she had offered alternate dates. When I checked the cancellation policy it said if cancelled more than seven days before booking I would receive 50% of my payment; that’s a good way to fraudulently get money for no work and hassling tenants. If I did not use the refunded money for another booking I would charged a 20% administrative charge for Airbnb to refund it. That is 50% of the total then another 20% of the remaining half… 60% of my money with no booking. Is this fraud, or what?

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  1. I Booked a villa for 5 couples through Airbnb in Marabella , spain , a day ebfore host accidentally cancelled it and offered us on discount . We received an email from Airbnb for full refund that never came in to our account . We rebooked the villa it was again cancelled and we again recieved the mail and got the refund too.
    But for the first Refund Airbnb is saying that it is a scam and we will not get the money .
    I think everything with Airbnb is fraud and u are left nowhere in the trip with your loss of money.
    This site should be banned.

  2. That is 100% fraud. It just happened to me. Rachel brings up a good point, but my host refused to respond to me so I had no choice.

    I am getting flatly denied for any refund – 20% or otherwise.

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