Cancellation Due to Failure of Second Payment

I want to make a complaint about my booking. The reservation was cancelled as the second payment failed. This experience and the service quality of Airbnb were disappointing. First, Airbnb didn’t try their best to contact me about the failure of my second payment. I did change the payment method but it seems that Airbnb was willing to see the failure happen and then ask to change the payment method instead.

Anyway, Airbnb didn’t do everything they could to contact us about any emergency. The only way they can is by sending email, no matter how serious the case it is. They should call you or send an SMS. Second, I do hope that Airbnb will show some pleasant customer service as they collect commission from us. However, they won’t admit they have flaws and only reply about their policy.

Airbnb didn’t help me with anything on my trip. As for agents, they won’t help you find an alternative solution. All you can do is to talk to the host or find hotels on other platforms.

I was hoping that Airbnb would have admitted that they had not tried their best to contact me and would refund or compensate me for my loss. This was a very naive thought. They are not real travel agents. They earn profits on your mistakes, carelessness and misfortune. They earn commissions by just providing a platform, not service.

All we need to know is to pay extra attention when using such a platform. They are irresponsible. Although there are many hosts doing great, many travelers have a terrible experience there. Airbnb won’t admit anything or improve upon it.

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  1. What about the host? Likely you blocked the calendar and they ended up with an empty listing because your payment failed.

    No sympathy here.


  2. Correct – it was your fault. However, I have the notification settings for airbnb to send both an email and a text. They did try to reach you.

  3. Yes you are right they are not a travel agents they are a provider of properties for holiday lettings. I have had a similar situation with a booking when my card expired in between the booking and the final deposit. I had a great and easy experience when I realised, as they had sent me an email letting me know of the problem with the deposit. The error, which was my fault as your error is yours, was fixed easily between the host of the property I was renting and Airbnb. You need to accept liability on your part for the error that has taken place with your booking.

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