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We rented 3 properties via air bnb. We were quoted all in Canadian funds, and when we were charged on my credit card it was in US funds. We are out over $ 400 and Airbnb pocketed our money. This was the BS response we received by them when we asked to have the difference credited.

We were quoted in CAD and charged the same amount in USD!
For instance the rate in Canadian for Lloyd’s RV was 120 per day CAD.
We were charged the same 120 in USD!
Is airBnB just pocketing that extra money?
The booking for Lloyd’s alone is over 300 dollar in exchange rates!
The rate we should have been charged:
WPRETW is 2368 not 2694.76 (a difference of 326.76)
XZWTJN is 456 not 506.47 (a difference of 50.47)
MPCSSN is 68 not 75.52 ( a difference of 7.52)

The charges that you have unnecessarily added are 384.75 CAD in total and is NOT clear or stated on any receipt or any transaction record that I have been sent that I would be charged the same amount in USD as opposed to CAD. Please send a payment for 384.75 to my AMEX card.
If that is too difficult for you then credit the AMEX card and I will pay each transaction with my VISA.

I have contacted my bank and AMEX regarding this matter. Please rectify it as soon as possible.
I have attached the receipts that I was sent from airBnB for these bookings.


Trevor Leigh



Airbnb: Your Reservation with Lloyd


Anna M, Jul 18 14:28

Hi Trevor,

Thank you for your patience! This is Anna again, and I’m happy to clarify why you were charged in USD for reservations WPRETW, XZWTJN, MPCSSN.

The currency in which you will be charged is listed during the booking process before you submit your reservation request. Here are examples of the booking pages for the listings that you booked:

While filling out your payment details, you were asked to select the country in which your payment method was located, which populated the field where you entered your credit card details. This field also contained the total amount and currency to be charged.

The available currency is automatically determined by the guest’s billing country and credit card type. The only currency available for AmEx credit card payments in Canada is USD. I am very sorry that in your specific case this is not the best option!

While we cannot change your payment to CAD, I’d like to provide you with a $50 coupon to use toward future travel on our site. Your coupon code is LCSVIZPS, and it expires on the 18th of July, 2015.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I am happy to help with any additional questions about booking on our site.

All the best,

I find this to be totally sneaky and dishonest.

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