Calling on Guests who lost their money.

I am reaching out to any and all guests who utilized Airbnb, only to find out that the Airbnb they thought they were communicating with turned out to be a hacked account.

I recently followed Airbnb protocols regarding communication with hosts. The problem was that the supposed host had hacked Airbnb and was communicating with me using all of Airbnb online images, and emails, etc. I had no way of knowing that I was not dealing via Airbnb as everything was identical to all Airbnb images, intellectual property etc. I sent payment for a property only to later find out that it was not processed by Airbnb at all. Unfortunately, the company says I infringed the terms and conditions of the use of their site, but will not accept that they have any responsibility for ensuring that their “properties” are protected from hackers. In my view, they have an obligation to end users to ensure that their image rights are protected, and if they know they have been hacked, or even if they think it is possible, they should be warning end users. They simply deny responsibility.

If you have been victimized like this, post a reply.

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