Bizarre Encounter with Airbnb Host after a Stay

I spent three months in 2016 with Roberto Eichhorn who is a super Airbnb host. His place was ok, but a bit far from everything (which is inaccurate according to his online description). Luckily, I had my own car. The reason I stayed so long was to transition to a different city. So after I finished my stay, I moved to the west coast. During my relocation period, I received a strange text message from Roberto about his cat and blaming me for cutting his cat’s whiskers short. I thought he was drunk and high, with a little too much time on his hands. So I didn’t bother to respond. Little did I know, he actually posted this “accusation” on my Airbnb profile and made it public. I’m now in a long process of disputing it via Airbnb for his tarnishing comments.

I would have thought Airbnb would ask the host to verify before putting any strange potentially reputation-damaging comments online. No! No preventative guidelines. This is a terribly managed site regarding reviews.

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