1. I am sorry but I agree with airbnb’s decision. As a guest, I have stayed in a few properties where I suspected that they had cameras in the living space. In one property, the guy actually did have a camera in the living space, which was reported by another guest and had his listings removed and rightfully so. Hosting on airbnb can be lucrative, but it also involves risks, If you are that paranoid about renting your property that you feel the need to monitor it 24/7 then you probably should not be hosting on it. Also the law applies no matter what other platforms you host on so listing on another platform doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to follow the laws.

  2. People stayed at house and stole Four TVS. By the time I returned to the house the next day my TVs were gone. They had called air bnb and complained there were cameras in the bathroom. THERE ARE NOT any cameras inside the house. That accusation alone lead to my account being cancelled and I’m banned for life with no recourse. I had bookings through early next year.

    What am I supposed to do when Airbnb people are not responsive? If I found cameras in the bathroom at a rental or hotel I would call the police. However these thieves are using it as a means to shield their crimes.

  3. Youn seem very naive about the law, which makes me wonder what else you’re doing. People like you can end up doing serious time when it turns out the law is not what they think it is (or should be). It doesn’t matter whether or not you announce the camera anywhere in your listing. The moment somebody is on that camera and it hasn’t been disclosed to him this kind of surveillance is going on, then all it takes is for him to make a complaint and the police will come, collect the camera, get your statement and the prosecutor will move forward with your case. And it really just takes one stupid thing to happen, like a guy you rented to had a friend come over. They’re homosexuals and immediately perform on the couch. Afterwards, that friend spots the camera and is outraged over what he knows that camera has seen. It doesn’t take much more than that and there’s a good chance the court will very little patience with you. Then you have a criminal record, the kind at that, that makes you seem a peeping tom. It can even get worse if you hooked the camera up to a DVR and the cops pull footage of nude children from it. Kids run in dripping wet from the pool, mom tells them to stop and gets them towels and they change in the living room right under your camera with your DVR recording child pornography. A completely innocent thing like that, you didn’t even know you had that on the DVR, and still you have to register as a sex offender. The one thing that is worse than just getting a criminal record is sex offender status on top.
    That said, while I was looking just at the legal aspect, I kept thinking to myself: Who do you think you are. You are one brazen piece of work, aren’t you? To think you can put a camera(!!!) into a space you have rented someone, I wonder where does that come from? What makes you think you’re entitled to have an eye from afar and at all times on a space you have rented to others?
    I can tell you one thing, if it had been me just seeing your listing with the indoor camera mentioned, I would have reported you to AirBnB. You would have had your account closed that day.
    Why, you ask, why is the camera such a big deal and I’ll gladly tell you people don’t like being monitored. It’s as simple as that.

  4. Man…dont panic, just get anoher email, another cell number, reset or change your house IP and put the adds again ! I do it all the time ! I have been banned from airbnb more then 30 times LOOOOL and I open new accounts every day.

  5. Nothing creepier to me than cameras INSIDE a house that you are renting. I can see them outside the property but never inside. This seems to be a huge problem with Airbnb who as we all know does not inspect any of their listings for safety, accuracy, hidden cameras etc.

    As a former innkeeper I can honestly say that not only do guests NOT listen to you but they also don’t bother to read entire listings meaning they could have been caught on your cameras doing things they would not want you to see.

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