Awful hosts and no breakfast!

We arrived to gritted teeth “a welcome smile”, we were told off for being “late” (for what they didn’t say). They made us park on the road despite “parking available on private drive”. And then they refused to give us any breakfast and asked us to leave by 9am! It was our first airbnb experience and will be our last! It was in a village near Nottingham UK.

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  1. Hi, I read the listing.
    “Greeted with friendly smile”
    “Parking on premises”
    “Wonderful full cooked breakfast”
    We weren’t “allowed” a phone number so couldn’t get in touch whist stuck on the motorway. We were a hour later than we hoped.
    It was expensive and would have cost less in a chain hotel …and it would have been 100% nicer.
    I do wish you were right, but unfortunately for us, you’re not.
    My sister advised airbnb however recently she’s also had a poor experience.
    A lesson learned sadly.

  2. Sounds like this is not a case of “awful host” but a severe misunderstanding of airbnb conventions.
    – airbnb, despite the name, does not guarantee that you get breakfast served by the host. In fact most hosts do not serve breakfast. Read the listing before you book.
    – “drive” in British English can mean “street”.
    – when you book an airbnb, there is a designated check-in time as written in the listing. Guests are expected to arrive on time, and not keep the hosts waiting, unless you communicate beforehand that you will be late.

    So on all counts I think the hosts here were not at fault!

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