at Artist’s Ditmas Pk 5 bedroom house

Here are the basics.

We made a reservation on AirBnB for a place in Brooklyn back in January for Thanksgiving 2014

The owner of that place cancelled in October due to neighbor issues.

A Customer Support Rep (Piper) Recommended a house at

407 Rugby Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226, United States
Confirmation Code: 85XFA4

The house is advertised to handle 16+ people , 5 bedrooms.

When we showed up, we immediately realized the house could not safely handle anywhere near the 10 guests. We had paid $7000 for 8 nights and were very disappointed. The list of unlivable things about this house includes. Mold Everywhere, Ceiling falling in, Very Bad Odor, Very Cold, No Closets. No real Beds. The Unsafe issues include no railing , tiny steps , 4 foot head room to go down steps. No Fire Alarms. No windows downstairs.

The Case Manager Rae, told me to take pictures and list all the problems, in order to get us a full refund. We left in less than 20 minutes to book rooms at a hotel. No AirBnB houses were available in Brooklyn.

Even though we sent the pictures and a long list of the problems with the house. We only received a little over half our money back.

Once the case was closed we weren’t even allowed to post a review to warn others of this disaster, even though AirBnB was keeping over $2500 of a house they had recommended.

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