1. This is an open and shut case. She is a victim. The idiocy of Airbnb is deep. The leadership is incompetent. No women in leadership roles. It is still run by guys with college minds who are deficienct in their protection of women on the platform .
    They need to ban him as a guest or user. Simple solution.

  2. I’ll be one to say that there could possibly be a lot of assholes to comment on this. This is what happens these days when someone’s been screwed over. It attracts the sharks.

    I’m in a similar situation where AirBnB is favoring the person who was violent. There is no justice through them. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I think I will be removing my account since it has been such a bad experience.

  3. I’m not really sure what Airbnb has done wrong here. You contracted with them to get a booking, and your guest (your ex) caused problems. That’s on you, scarred or not. Move on.

  4. Not being on Airbnb shouldnt prevent you from traveling, there are often hotels in the area which are comparable or cheaper than an airbnb believe it or not. As a frequent traveler and a host myself I can attest to that.

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