As Both a Host and Guest, I’m Through with Airbnb

I own an inn and thought it would be a good idea to get more exposure through Airbnb. I had to cancel a reservation made by one guy who booked then complained that he could not add a fifth person, because I said only four were allowed. I referred him elsewhere and he was happy with that. However, Airbnb gave me a warning with a negative star, with no reason or explanation how to correct it.

Recently I had a new guest cancel her reservation because she booked the wrong city. I wanted to refund her the full amount but was unable to do so and I could not find any help with customer service to assist with a refund. I finally got her address and am sending her a check. Airbnb’s rules for hosts and warnings are unforgiving and the lack of support is hellish. I wasted hours trying to figure out how to issue a refund. I decided to get out while I still can; I don’t need them.

I had another horrible experience booking a place for my family. It was done well in advance and then the host contacted me over the phone to say it was double booked two weeks before our arrival to Costa Rica. He tried to get us into another property and when I told him I was not comfortable with that – as I didn’t see any pictures and wanted a refund – he berated me and hung up on me. He cancelled my reservation so I was unable to post a complaint. Luckily the other place we booked was able to accommodate us for the days I had intended to stay at this other location. From a host and guest perspective, the lack of customer support and oversight are not worth my business.

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  1. Smashing Pumpkins was a favorite at one time.

    However, Airbnb is actively soliciting real bed and breakfasts, small inns and boutique hotels to list with them, because the ragtag collection of individual hosts with dubious accommodations is not a viable way to generate the growth necessary for their plans to go public

    • I had a REAL bed and breakfast for 32 years in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle which was DESTROYED by Airbnb. I closed it in 2016. While I was used to (and welcomed) competition I went from having a few dozen bed and breakfasts to over 600 Airbnb units charging way less than me. So glad I got out when I did. The remaining bed and breakfasts are on life support. I can’t imagine selling my soul to Airbnb at this point. It is an absolutely garbage site that has crippled an industry. True small business is suffering because of them. I am surprised there are not more stories like mine out there. Airbnb is great for Airbnb and the guests. I would never recommend hosting for them. No money in it anymore.

  2. Ever come across the ‘refund’ button? You’re clearly computer illiterate 🙂
    Btw what on earth does a professionally run Inn do on an anything-goes rental platform?

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