Alternatives to Airbnb?

My friends and I went to Vegas a few weeks ago and tried to save a few bucks by staying at an airbnb place just off the strip. Long story short, the place was terrible! It was dirty, smelly, didn’t really look like the pictures… just awful. Long story short we filed a claim with Airbnb to get our money back, but it’s been over 2 weeks and we still haven’t heard anything back except a standard bs form email saying that they received the complaint. So annoying!

My question is: Are there any good alternatives to airbnb that treat their customers better? I realize there are always hotels, and that’s fine… but surely there is someone else out there running or building a better service than Airbnb’s terrible customer service right?!

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  1. As a former airbnb host, I know there are other options. Personally I have been using Craigslist to find long-term tenants instead of renting out to short-term vacationers like I used to on Airbnb, but either way here is a list of sites that you might want to check out as alternatives to airbnb.

    A1 Vacations
    Cyber Rentals
    Great Rentals

    Best of luck!

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