Airbnb’s Unfair Resolution Centre Believes Hosts

I have been a Superhost for five years, and Airbnb has been great in the past. When guests have asked for refunds, I have done my best to be fair. When the dryer broke while gests were staying, I replaced it; I know amenities have a shelf life. It was my understanding that we are part of a nice, fair community.

However, I went to Nice for two days. I’m a single mum and needed a short break away. The second night we couldn’t pull the sofabed out; something was wrong with it. We got home and the host wanted us to buy a new one for €1,200. I am not strong enough to bend metal and damage a sofa, so how is it that Airbnb customer service has given me robotic, copy and pasted emails that day stating I must pay?

There has been no explanation, no kindness… they just took money from my account and have threatened me with ‘removal from the community’. I feel wrongly accused and let down. I still have many Airbnb guests booked for the next few months, and am trying to give them a good travel experience. I can’t believe how cold and unjust customer service has been this time. They won’t answer any of my questions. I don’t know what to do.

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  1. AirBnB review system is biased to the hosts. Negative reviews are simply buried when the host doesn’t respond. White Shadows Colosseo was deceptively marketed, was unclean and unfit for occupancy, and started leaking water water from the ceiling in the first hours. A known issue. Had a 3 day reservation and never stayed a single night it was so disgusting. Host gave a minuscule refund and charged a cleaning fee. White Shadows Colosseo never published my honest review and even though I had pictures there is no way to add them for reviews. White Shadows Colosseo

  2. I had my first Airbnb experience and let me tell you…DISASTER! I am afraid to leave a bad review because I do not understand how it actually works re: retaliatory comments will follow from host? I documented the numerous problems with the Airbnb company showing over 20 photos. Although we did get all a f our money back and the $40 into coupon I still don’t ever want t do Airbnb again. Our vacation was cut short and we still lost money on gas, travel time and work pay. Why should people who are tourchered with a bad experience have to tell other users how bad the place is…instead Airbnb should actually CLOSE DOWN SOME OF THESE PLACES IMMEDIATLY UNTIL A PHYSICAL REVIEW OF THE PLACE IS PERFORMED BY AIRBNB STAFF. BUT NO AIRBNB IS JUST A MONEY MACHINE IN THE MIDDLE AND WE ARE THE MONEKY IN THE MIDDLE THAT GETS BURNED!

  3. Unfortunately, leave out the “nice and fair community” bit. Airbnb is a jungle for more and more cheapskates with terrible attitudes……

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