Airbnb’s Cancellation Policy Leaves Guest Out $1.6K

I am planning on relocating to San Miguel de Allende so I booked a one week stay in a darling casita in January. When I realized the pandemic wouldn’t allow me to travel in January, I changed my reservation for the entire month of April. Now it looks like April is too soon to travel also so I wanted to cancel until we get the all-clear travel advisory.

I was told that I could cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours before my reservation. Now Airbnb is withholding all my money for the first 30 days (my entire reservation) and only refunding me $25 out of almost $1,600. This company sucks and I will never use them again. I will post warnings to others wherever I can. This company needs to be replaced with one that actually has customer service.

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  1. In 2019 booked a holiday for the family in Florida for July 2020, I paid the 50% deposit of £1,500.00; I tried to cancel in May when our flights were canceled but were told that at that point all I could do was receive a credit note as the villa was still available. No one seemed to get it that we physically couldn’t get there.

    So far I have been unable to take to anyone about this, to see if it is possible to get a refund as my credit note expires at the end of this year and I’m not sure we will be traveling overseas at that point.

    I’ve even looked at the UK website to see if there is somewhere to go here to use the credit note but to be honest, I don’t actually want to vacation here in the UK. There is nowhere that I want to visit.

  2. I paid a deposit of $953.08 on the 3rd February 2019 for two weeks in Cobh Ireland for July 2020.
    My paperwork said if I cancel it had to be 46 days before check in, I cancelled 56 days and they would only refund $738.01as the other $215.07 would be for cleaning ( not sure what cleaning there would be as we weren’t arriving there, due to the fact we were not able to fly out of Australia and now it’s 2021 and still unable to fly out. )
    I have sent around12 messages to both Airbnb and the Bella Vista Hotel in Cobh, Ireland and still to date nothing has happened.
    Oh, I almost forgot when I originally cancelled they were to do the refund, I’m still waiting for the money, at least the $738.01 and todate no one answers when I go to trouble shooting or to Bella Vista.

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