Airbnb: Worst Customer Service Ever

We booked a 10-bedroom home and paid our deposit. The leasing agency the host employs then called us to pay our rental insurance and pet fees… okay, no problem. I asked her to put the charges on Airbnb like the site says you should and they refused, stating they would need a credit card or my checking account number to pay the fees. They also requested I sign up on another site so we could communicate via their property management site. I refused as well, due to Airbnb’s strict policies about communication. I cannot trust this company and requested a refund. Each person I have spoken with has been horrible. No resolution or communication, just passing the ball to someone else. The worst customer service.

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  1. Thanks for your comment Anne. You actually gave me more information and clarification than the idiotic Air BnB support team, who originallyh told me it was outside of policy to request payment outside of the site and then said “well, its allowed sometimes”.

    If they ever go public I hope their board insists on having their entire customer service platform revamped as it full of so many inconsistencies and misinformation that it’s ridiculous

  2. It is reflective because Air Bnb has a strict policy of no outside payments and do not communicate outside of Air Bnb. I was told by a supervisor that the polices are not accurate and do indeed contradict one another( that is what is Absurd. And yes, I have that in writing), but still, there is nothing they can do to assist me as the host is insisting I pay them via CC.

    Funny thing is though, Air Bnb stated to not give my CC info. So yes Air Bnb is dishonest and they have horrible customer service.

  3. Airbnb Customer Service can be weak. Airbnb tends to respond better to comments & questions posted on Facebook & Twitter.

  4. This really isn’t about how Airbnb conducts business, it is about the pitfalls of booking on Airbnb via a service (you a not working directly with the owner). Airbnb tells hosts it can work with a rental/property management company BUT it is poorly done. I will not book a stay with a Property Manager (co-host is different)

    1. Airbnb does not have an easy way to process/collect pet fees. To collect pet fees, the host must submit an alteration request to the guest. The guest either accepts or declines the request. If the request is accepted, Airbnb then collects additional the pet fees & additional service fees.

    2. Rental insurance is OUTSIDE of the Airbnb process/requirements. If it is billed through the Reservation Alteration request process, it is subject to Airbnb fees. The agency requires it so they will collect rental if the guest cancels and they may get a commission for selling it. It is to protect THEIR interests.

    For me the kicker is that if you pay for a reservation with some travel cards or American Express, rental insurance is part of their provided services for trip charges, so you’ve already covered.

    Because travel/trip insurance is not part of the Airbnb process, In general the host receives NO payment if the reservation is cancelled more than 5 days in advance (unless the reservation is booked under Strict cancellation policy).

    This applies to weather/disaster related cancellations too (e.g. hurricane or flooding).

  5. The problem starts with Airbnb not honoring deposits. I am a host & I have had too many problems with people trashing my house & Airbnb says “well you rented it & this is normal wear & tear.” I don’t blame the host for asking for a separate deposit as there is NO deposit linked to your booking on Airbnb. Once is enough. I have had it happen at least once a year. One time someone tried so hard to get out of paying for damages they accused me of having bed bugs. Come on. No one would stay overnight anymore than 1 night without cancelling if you actually had that at your house. Airbnb even said they posted fake photos that they were able to scan on google & determined the photos were from a pest company. Why doesn’t Airbnb make these people pay a deposit in the first place – it would avoid all this nonsense! Then you call them & they transfer you to someone in a 3rd world country who says “$76 dollars should be plenty of money to fix broken doors & scratched walls are just wear & tear.” Really? Sorry I don’t walk into any house & just scrape my suitcase across the wall like an idiot.

    I am praying for the day that Marriott launches their home rental platform. Finally we will all be able to conduct legit business together.

  6. Absurd post. How is the host’s dishonesty reflective on Air BnB? And the moment you paid out of pocket, you, as well, ran afoul of AirBnB rules. Just silliness.

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