Airbnb Stole $600 from a Loyal Superhost

I’m a Superhost and have a five-star guest rating as well. Recently I had a last minute reservation cancellation due to another guest refusing to leave so I could check in. When I went to book another place I immediately got the same request denial onscreen message, which seemed weird. I made a third attempt and the reservation was accepted.

However, afterwards the second reservation got accepted as well because the request denial message I’d received from Airbnb was a mistake, thus causing a double booking. When the host of the third place refused to “refund” me (before check-in), Airbnb basically shrugged their shoulders and charged me for booking two places at once.

Common sense clearly suggests that a customer with a long history would not do such a thing and that the burden wouldn’ be given to the Superhost/customer, but no. Airbnb’s policies when it comes to such situations are not only bad for customers. They are bad for the company and brand.

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  1. I have no sympathy for those who turn their residentially zoned property into a hotel. Airbnb and other short term rental properties violate zoning laws and common decency. People in residential neighborhoods and communities do NOT want to live next to a hotel. Can you get that through your brains?

    • Dirk should first learn the difference between a host experience and a guest experience before commenting on a thread that doesn’t address his concern about something that has been around 3,000+ years. Also, his complaint is about tech platforms but he doesn’t know it yet.

  2. The only problem is, you sent a second reservation request before cancelling the first pending request.

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