Airbnb Scam: Set up and Burglarized in NYC

We were burglarized the morning of our first day in an Airbnb apartment in New York City. The host refused to refund our rent for the apartment and so far Airbnb has refused to support us in any way. We lost over $5000 in property: every valuable thing we brought including luggage, jewelry, medication, clothing, along with passports and other personal and financial documents. The police confirmed it was likely a set up and the host has now removed the listing from Airbnb. We have since learned that renting apartment units in New York City is illegal. We are furious about the lack of support from Airbnb customer service, who is now telling us that it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and legality of property that we rent through their service. We will soon be employing an attorney to file charges if things are not corrected soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your experiences.

    Surely though you would get any money back through your insurance claim that you have lost?

    I’m surprised BnB would give you your money back and find you an alternative. Who would want to stay when this has happened.

    Try posting on their FB

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