Airbnb Not Allowing Some Guests to Book?

A guest who is trying to book my listing is getting the following message from Airbnb when she reaches the stage of entering credit card information in the booking process:

“Choose another place to stay. Airbnb prevents reservations for entire homes when a pattern of factors (like location or reservation time) suggests the booking may be unsafe. This restriction is not related to the coronavirus. For resources on coronavirus, see Please try a hotel room instead.”

My listing is not unsafe. It is perfectly clean and safe. I called Airbnb Support and they told me that this is some issue with the guest’s account. But then, the guest’s co-staying guest tried booking my listing using their Airbnb account and their credit card. The Airbnb system responded with the exact same message.

I’m not sure I really believe that this is a problem with the guest’s account. Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? If so, please share any information with me that you can.

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  1. I’m coping this too…
    We have basically been empty for the last couple of months or so and looking like remaining that way thanks to whatever policy this is… I spend ages asking and answering questions to make sure we have honourable guests. I even send out pre-approvals and the like and airbnb have blocked them all!!! ?????

  2. This just happened to me. Apparantly people under 25 cannot book whole homes/apartments as a way to prevent parties. This also happens of its a last minute booking but they don’t even specify what ‘last minute’ is. I’m booking more than a week in advance.
    Apparantly as soon as people turn 26 they stop partying? What a joke

  3. I just attempted to book and spoke to the host all day he even gave me a special offer for the property. I got this message and tried to book from my partners phone, same message. I called Airbnb and was told I could book a private room or hotel room but not a private home due to party restrictions. I will not be having a party or extra guests. This is ridiculous!!! I feel bad for the hosts… how are they supposed to make money?? Absolutely ridiculous

  4. All users who seek to book a residence are ‘risk profiled’ using software they boughtt when they acquired Trooly. (
    As a user you have no way of knowing what data they are using, what way they arrive at their decision and no way to challenge their automated decision.

    So it may not be your property, it may be the hidden decision arrived at because of what they believe about the person trying to book..

  5. They are great liars. There’s also a new rule for Covid 19, you need about 72 hrs after a checkout to clean your place. Nobody can book before this 72 he period expires.
    Also if your house is considered a “possible party ” house. They will block guests or sometimes even deactivate the listing. That was their respond to the party issues and shooting that happened a few months ago in a house party.
    They don’t appreciate their hosts at all.

  6. Yes I’ve had this. One customer service rep with Airbnb told me it was due to the renters age, but this was not true as the renter was over 25 and had several 5 star reviews. Then I called again and the next rep told me it was due to Coronavirus. They are useless.

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