Airbnb Nightmare in Cottage Country, Ontario


I sent photos below to Airbnb to show the unhygienic and gross hellhole that was misrepresented as Muskoka Rocks in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. It was filthy, unsafe and disgusting. It was impossible to stay and the host could not have improved our stay within hours. The house we stayed in was not the house in the picture on the website. It was a firetrap and was unlivable.

We have asked for a refund but got no response except for an offer of $200. This rental was $1600 for six nights. We went for a small getaway to celebrate one year of my companion being clear of Stage 4 cancer. I’m disappointed and disgusted by Airbnb’s lack of humanity and moral accountability. The host deliberately misrepresented the place and even put another gorgeous house on the site. Our one-star review has never appeared on the site. Any advice or help is welcome.

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  1. There are two bad reviews posted in August 2019, one by Ruby and one by Mattea. The host is a superhost and there are few other bad comments. The cottage looks pretty typical for that area.

  2. Wow. I am starting to wonder if Airbnb is powerless to make hosts return the money and maybe thats why they offer unsatisfied guests these ridiculously low money back offers. Hmmm

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