Airbnb Inefficiency for Explanation on House Rules


Airbnb does a great job helping guests with their suitable short-term accommodation, and hosts with extra income for accommodating guests. I have had great stays all this time, until I met this host who first of all posted confusing house rules, then ignored my messages when I tried to confirm if she was going to charge for any extras. Airbnb did not have any answers.

Why were there such misguiding house rules on the listing? Why was my host ignoring my messages especially where I asked if there was any extra payment she was going to charge me? Airbnb’s support team put my call on hold for 1.15 hrs and my feelings turned negative after observing a “no intentions to help” attitude from the first supervisor I was brought onto the call with.

In addition, they had no clue about the rules in the listing and they could not provide any explanations. They let my money go to the host even when I informed them about my discomfort within 48 hours of my booking. The host has kept the amount in full ($302.61 when the normal cost on other days are much cheaper) even when I did not visit her place, and kept on informing her that Airbnb has suggested I not cancel the trip because of her strict cancellation policy.

I’ve had very good experiences in past with nice hosts, but this was one terrible experience due to a very inconsiderate and selfish business. I want nobody else to suffer like I did. Please be extra careful with this listing, house rules, cancellation policy and double check with the host before booking.

Customer service was not helpful at all especially when it comes to accepting their own flaws and working on them. The only way to file a complaint is through a feedback form which again goes to the same people who give the same response: whether I get a full refund or not is at the host’s discretion.

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  1. Why are you REPEATEDLY asking the host if there are any other fees besides the booking fees, when she has CLEARLY answered you SEVERAL times? What is wrong with you?

  2. You’re supposed to read and agree to the house rules BEFORE booking. Your supposed to read the cancellation policy BEFORE booking. The rules are clear, but you could’ve easily messaged the host BEFORE booking to get clarification and if the host didn’t respond, then move on to another listing. Even if the host had responded, what would you have done except try to cancel and then be told you will lose your money because of the cancellation policy? Basically, you made a mistake (actually several) and you’re mad now that you have to take responsibility for it.

    The only valid point you have s that Airbnb’s customer service is complete garbage. No doubt about that. Airbnb is being cheap about their customer service and, well, you get you pay for. Or rather, we get what they under-pay for.

  3. Are you kidding me? Green clearly states no other fees unless you damage Something.

    And the house rules are clear as well. If more than three people stay there, you‘ll get a second bedroom and pay 35$ per guest per night extra.

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