Airbnb Induced Stress Keeps Guests from Enjoying Paris

I booked an Airbnb for four of us (two couples) in Paris and, having used the platform before, it seemed easy. We were confirmed in a “Charmant appartement spacieux”, and we thought all was well, until about two weeks before we were to travel when I tried to contact the host to find out where we would get the key, etc. I tried every method available for a week, and all communication, both to Airbnb and to the host (if there is such a person) disappeared into a black hole. Panic and anxiety followed as I envisaged four seniors sleeping on the streets of Paris. On careful reading of the reviews (which I should have done before) it appears no one has actually stayed with this host, and three have had the same experience as I had.

I eventually cancelled, because I believe the post is dodgy in some way, and we couldn’t arrive in Paris with no confirmed lodging. However, now Airbnb has kept the $110 cancellation fee, which it should not do, as I don’t think there ever was a genuine product/service for sale, but I can’t find any way to present this argument. All emails funnel you into drop down lists that are not appropriate for this case, and none allow for genuine contact. They keep saying “contact the host” but that was the problem. It’s back to proper hotels for all of us.

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  1. If you were messaging the host for a week — through Airbnb messenger — and they didn’t respond, reach out to Airbnb via Twitter or on the phone (call again, if you get a bad agent), and they will likely refund the service fee. You have to be aggressive with Airbnb customer service, though — otherwise they will do nothing.

  2. I’m sorry you had that experience — it sounds like a nightmare! Ignore the trolls, and I hope your fee is refunded.

  3. So you booked WITHOUT reading comments, ratings, response time…… Let me guess: you were looking for the cheapest place available and then hold Airbnb responsible for your cheapness. Try Cheapskate Hostel next time 🙂

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