Airbnb Hung up When I Asked for a Refund

My daughter and her friend were going to go to Santorini and I paid for the reservation. We fit right into the COVID-19 extenuating circumstances policy with all of the dates. I tried to get a refund through AMEX because I could not get through to Airbnb in early April.

I tried again today but could not get through. I called this afternoon. I had tried through my daughter’s account to find the cancellation button but could not. There was a 45-minute wait. I asked the rep if should could refund the amount. She would not give me a simple yes/no answer.

I asked for a manager per this site. She said I had to be verified. Then she said I had to go through my daughter’s account. I told her I wanted a manager as I had paid for the trip. She said she would need to hangup on me. I again asked for a manager as I had the reservation number dates, etc. She hung up on me. That is not customer service.

I went back online and found the cancellation button. The only option was a refund on half or full travel credit. Never again. Airbnb is the worst. This is our second horror story.

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  1. We are having the SAME issue! How does airbnb get away with this! And why can I not speak with someone in AMERICA! We are done with airbnb. The co-host of the place we rented threatened us and put up false images of staged cigarette butts around the house and linens still on the beds, etc. We left the place after only one night. How do people get away with this for so long???

  2. Same thing happened to me recently. The owner agreed to cancel…. but AIBNB dragging their feet waiting for a “case manager” to be assigned. When I saw your post, I gave up hope. American Express said AirBNB called them and said credits and refunds could take up to six weeks. Goodbye my money, no more bookings through airbnb.

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