Airbnb Hosts Can Cancel Reservations Without Cause

We made reservations with a host in Amsterdam in September 2016, but our host cancelled our reservations in April 2017 without any reason other than Airbnb’s Amsterdam agreement to limit the number of nights hosts can rent out their apartments to 60 days per calendar year. Why would you make reservations ten months in advance, purchase airline tickets and foreign currency with no confirmed lodging in place? That is the question we’re asking Airbnb to answer for us. If any host can cancel your reservations, why even reserve with Airbnb?

Now we are out $2600 for airline tickets because we refuse to settle for lesser accommodations. The ones we booked were listed by a “super host”. A super host listing doesn’t mean anything to us because we no longer trust the Airbnb business model or platform to uphold a confirmed reservation. This was our first time booking through Airbnb and we can honestly say that we will never trust Airbnb or any similar entity that rent out vacation properties in this manner. I’m looking to join a class-action lawsuit with other Airbnb guests that have been inconvenienced for the convenience of an Airbnb host. This practice is not fair or ethical by any means.

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  1. Man listen. My best friend and I planned our trip abroad to Spain from November 2016 last year this April/May 2017. After having to coordinate our schedules (because we live in different parts of the States) and debating places, we found one we both liked on AirBnB and thought we were solid. Cut to February–my friend realizes that her flight has her coming in early in the morning. Because I booked the room, I reached out to the host to ask if that was okay. “Is it okay that she is coming in at 1 in the morning?” “Yeah, sure,” she says. Cut to the week of the trip. At my friend’s insistence we ask again. “Yes, salud,” the host says. Cut to my friend coming in to Spain and standing outside of the door to her AirBnB–no answer to her ringing the bell, she has no wi-fi, it costs $$$ to call me internationally, and I am struggling with Google Translate to have a conversation with our host whose only response is “I thought you meant the afternoon” and “It’s not even 1, it’s 2:30.”
    And as I am yelling this exchange to AirBnB customer service, their only response is “Um…let me see what I can do.”

  2. Airbnb “fines” a host who cancels, but this means Airbnb MAKES MORE MONEY when a host cancels so there is no incentive for them to solve this issue. Guests cannot leave a review when a host cancels on them. There is an automated “host canceled” message with no explanation. My London host has a “host canceled the day before reservation” message but the real story is that he canceled TEN MINUTES BEFORE I ARRIVED, while I was in the taxi on my way over, even after I had texted him several times to inform him of my arrival and got a “fine, no rush” reply each time. His excuse was he had just arrived to the apartment and his flatmate hadn’t cleaned up properly. This was one in the afternoon. When I complained to Airbnb that the automated message should reflect the truth, I was ignored. They did refund all my money, and after several irate emails they also agreed to pay the hotel bill I incurred because of their deadbeat host. btw, this host had tons of wonderful reviews so good reviews are no guarantee.

  3. Hosts who do this are penalized financially and the days they cancel are blocked from rebooking. It sucks and hosts that do this should be dropped from the site. Saying that though for every bad host there are thousands of good ones. Sorry you found the bad apple.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me!!!! I am so upset and am looking for places to go to leave reviews so people can understand what a nightmare company this is when you actually have a problem. My host canceled the DAY before Stagecoach, a huge music festival and I had to pay over $200 more to get another reservation. I called airbnb and they were taking ZERO credit and said they would give 10% of what I paid to me in credits as well as a refund. Well that didn’t cover the $200 at ALL. What a JOKE! I will NEVER book with them again!! They said they were just the platform and they were not the host and the host can cancel if they want. I had been planning for over 5 months and talking with the host a few times in between to make sure everything was square so I didn’t have to run into this EXACT situation. I am SO PISSED!!

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