Airbnb Host Will Not Allow Us to Reschedule

My family and I booked a home for five days in Sedona, Arizona through Airbnb. We were so excited to go and learned, after our booking, that our sons, who serve in the United States Army, could not travel due to COVID restrictions. We asked Airbnb to reschedule our date (they were very nice) but the policy, as they explained eventually — six emails and three calls later — states that the host ultimately decides if you can reschedule your trip or not. He would not allow us to reschedule our trip under any circumstances and thus we are out $2,800.

It amazes me that we were not informed of this policy prior to our booking and that we were told, due to COVID, we would be able to reschedule if needed. Ten of us are out of a family vacation, one that we were really looking forward to. Disappointed to say the least.

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  1. Under the Airbnb cancellation policy, it is stated that reservations made after 6/15/20 are subject to the host’s cancellation policy. The host’s cancellation policy is presented in the rental description and booking confirmation. Select cancellation details for more info and there is a box at the top that states to “information about cancellations during the Covid19 pandemic”.

    If you were ill and unable to travel, you can apply for a refund under the extenuating circumstances policy.

    Sounds like, You made the mistake of not understanding the cancellation policies before you booked during a pandemic. Expensive lesson….

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